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About Millevo Painting Contractors


A reputable and popular painting company, Millevo Painting Contractors has a mission to transform and improve your business and home. You get fast, honest, and remarkable services whenever and wherever you may need. Always ready to provide a number of services, each painter is equipped with professional skills in the field to meet all the requirements of our clients. Every customers' satisfaction is our top priority, and that alone says a great deal about the dedication of our company.


With high quality services, the team of painters go above and beyond the structured ways to offer the best results for valued customers. Open communication plays a vital role in the achievement of immaculate results for every specific project. 


Customers are always satisfied and happy with the services provided by Millevo Painting Contractors. Contact us today to get the renovation of your dreams for your home or commercial properties from your local painting contractor.

Why Choose Millevo Painting Contractors?

At Millevo Painting Contractors, we understand the importance of your home environment for you and your family. It might be an overwhelming task to handle a complicated house painting project on your own. This is where our professional home painting services come in. We have a team of highly professional residential and commercial painters offering top-quality services as well as custom solutions for every home and business. At Millevo Painting Contractors, we aim at going above & beyond to ensure that your painting requirements are fulfilled explicitly – right from start to finish in a highly professional manner.

  • Free Transparent Quote: We provide access to upfront, customized estimates such that you never remain in confusion about the overall costs of the painting project.

  • Quality Products & Workmanship: Our team has the presence of highly qualified, licensed, and experienced painters with professional expertise in the given industry. In addition to bespoke workmanship, we also deliver the assurance of using top-quality products for your painting project.

  • Convenient Scheduling: We offer the assurance of working around your specific schedule as closely as possible. At the same time, we also aim at completing painting projects efficiently so that your painting project is completed perfectly and quickly.

  • Cost-Effective Services: We deliver access to all our premium products –including top-quality paint, paint brushes and rollers, and so much more for helping you to save significantly. With our upfront, transparent pricing policy for your home painting services, you can have peace of mind.

  • Post-cleanliness: We boast about paying great attention to detail to all our painting projects. Our painting specialists make use of proper furniture covers and drop clothes for keeping your home as clean as possible during the painting project.


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Reliable & Honest

Purple Wall
Green Wall
Paint Can and Brush
Color Palette of paint choices hanging on a wall.


Millevo Painting Contractors has been providing the best services to the Tippecanoe County area for many years! Fair prices, superior quality and exceptional customer service are guaranteed when you work with us.

Always at Your Service

What We Provide 

at Millevo Painting Contractors

Our painters are proud to provide our Lafayette, IN and surrounding areas with top-notch painting services. Our clients love working with our painting contractors, many of them returning as repeat customers. Get in touch to let us know what we can do for you today.

With top quality results from each painter, the following  painting services are readily available for you!

Interior Painting of Ceilings, Walls, and Trim, Exterior Painting, Cabinet Painting, Door Painting, Staining and Varnishing Decks and Fences, Drywall Repair, Repairing Water Damage, Waterproofing, Wallpaper Removal, Accents and Logos.

Tan, Yellow, Burgandy, and Lavendar Paint Pots and a Color Wheel with many paint color swatches.

Paint Color Consultation and Free Estimate

You will not always get color consultation and free estimates from every place you seek painting services from. But with Millevo Painting Contractors, our commitment for bringing the best painting contractors to you will be the top priority. Each painter will listen and guide you, as well as, give advice on what may be the best color scheme for your home or business. You will always be satisfied with our skilled team of painters and their professional work that will always make your home or work place stunning.

Interior Commercial and Residential Painting

   Bring exceptional renovations to the interior of your home or work place with Millevo Painting Contractors Catering specifically for every client and their individual needs, the painting services are top quality and ensure ideal results every time.

   A new paint job on the walls of your home will always refresh and positively influence your mood. Get logos that are ideal for work places, accents and wallpapers installed to further the décor element of your residential or commercial setting. Helpful consultations with our skilled painters will ensure you are the one deciding the best for your home with assistance wherever you may need it. Your walls and ceilings will never have looked better before, as they will from our talented team of painting contractors.

   In a nutshell, every service you need for interior home painting, you will get from a painter at Millevo Painting Contractors.

Painter Painting a New Wall with light blue paint
Painter hanging on a rope outside of a building he is about to paint.

Exterior Commercial and Residential Painting

   The exterior of a house is more prone to being dried up and patchy in comparison to the inside. Therefore, it needs frequent care and more paint renewal jobs. When you need renovations to the exterior of your commercial or residential setting, Millevo Painting Contractors has got you covered. With each painters high quality services and satisfactory results from each painting contractor, you will be utterly happy with the paint job that each painter will do for you.  You can get logos installed on the exterior of your places along with accents as well. You will get consultation regarding any matter you think you may need guidance with. Every one of your exterior home paintings needs are fulfilled to ensure you have the longest lasting paint job that remains beautiful. With Millevo Painting Contractors services, all your needs for exterior commercial or residential setting painting are fulfilled.

Painting, Staining, Varnishing, and Sealing Decks and Fences

   Our painting services are not just limited to walls and ceilings. Our painters also provide the best services for the painting of your decks and fences as they are exposed to the outside elements much more than interior spaces. They need exceptionally well done paint jobs to withstand the different weather conditions. Our painters also do varnishing, staining and sealing for the decks and fences so that they can remain a freshly painted area for longer and look beautiful for years to come. 

   Our painting contractors will revitalize your decks and fences like never before. Get all your needs for decks and fences fulfilled today with Millevo Painting Contractors.

A Painter is Varnishing the Deck
Modern Kitchen Cabinets freshly painted.

Cabinet Painting

The cabinets in your home are often looked over when it comes to painting as they are not always at the forefront of your house. However, getting a fresh new paint job on the cabinets can really amp up the atmosphere and bring the entire room together. Being opened and closed all day long, their paint can wear down and get dusty. Get a makeover for the cabinets in your place that will solve all these issues and more with Millevo Painting Contractors. Our painters are on standby just for you!

Orange painted wall

Millevo Painting Contractors are here for all your painting needs!

Paint Samples. Color swatches.
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