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Top Reasons for Paint to Crack, Bubble, and Peel

Top Reasons for Paint to Crack, Bubble, and Peel

Paint turns out to be one of the major transformative essentials for any property owner. It is capable of changing the entire look instantly along with the overall feel of the home or the given space.

However, it is important to note that this major transformation also asks for in-depth care and attention to detail. If things are not implemented properly, it could easily lead to problems with the house paint in a short span of time. As per the professional painting contractors, paint could easily start bubbling, cracking, and peeling if the respective elements are not lined properly. In this post, our expert team of painters will help you under get an insight into some of the most common reasons why paint would crack, bubble, or peel.

Reasons for Paint Bubble

When the upper paint film would get lifted from the respective underlying surface, it is important to note that the film has lost its overall adhesion. As a result, paint bubble occurs on the surface. Eventually, these bubbles are going to lead to peeling. You can easily fix the paint peeling issue. However, it is equally important to pay attention to the reasons for why paint bubble occurs:

· Painting on a dry, cold or hot, and damp surface

· Painting some oil-based paint on a later of latex paint

· Not preparing the surface before painting

· Paint getting exposed to moisture soon after drying

· Painting on a humid day

Bubbles can also be the result of implementing a painting project too fast. Therefore, it is recommended to ask the painting contractors to slow down.

For preventing paint bubbles, you should aim at getting the surface thoroughly cleaned & dried. Also, avoiding painting in unfavorable conditions like too humid, too cold, or too hot.

Reasons for Paint Peel

When the paint is not capable of holding to the layer underneath, it will start peeling. For instance, when you would implement the painting project on a hard, slick, or glossy surface, it would eventually lead to paint peeling. Slick surfaces do not feature tiny valleys or peaks for allowing the coating to hold on to.

Moreover, when you get a surface painted in humid weather conditions, then also it could lead to paint peeling. You should also pay attention to chemical incompatibility like galvanized metal and oil-based paint.

As you would sand the surface beforehand, it will help in toughening up the walls or surface. As such, it would make it easier for the paint coat to stick to the surface. You should aim at testing a sample area to ensure that the given paint is sticking to the surface.

Reasons for Paint Crack

In case you observe a crack on your wall paint, then you should know that it is only going to grow. In most situations, the given problem might appear as a minute, hairline crack. However, when the same would be left unchecked, the paint starts flaking off. Just like bubbling, there are several reasons for the paint cracking. Some are:

· Utilization of low-quality painting material

· Painting oil-based paint over latex-based paint

· Applying too thin paint layer

· Paint getting dried up too soon

· Applying additional coats before the drying of the previous coats

· The given surface was not prepared well

· The paint might be old

· The paint turned out to be dirty while painting

· Too thick layers of the paint was applied

In case you are aware that the crack has not reached the inner layers of the substrate, then you can simply take a wire brush or scraper for removing the paint that has been flaking. Next, it is recommended to go forth with sanding the area, priming bare spots, and repainting.

In case the paint has cracked down to reach the substrate, then you should aim at getting the entire paint removed. Scrape off the paint completely from the surface. Then, you should advance with sanding the surface, priming it, and repainting the surface.

With so many factors to consider in a typical house or property painting project, it is recommended to hire services from professional painting contractors. When you hire a professional painter, you can be assured of the fact that he or she is experienced in the given field. A contractor might even offer assistance on tips to take care of paint for maximum durability. Moreover, a contractor also helps you with the selection of the right paint color and the implementation of the painting project correctly.

Contact Millevo Painting Contractors for all your painting needs. or 7657353052!

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