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Top Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Paint Job Looking New

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Top Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Paint Job Looking New

Have you recently finished the paint job of your house or commercial building? Wish to ensure that it appears brand-new for several years to come? While painting the given space properly is one thing, maintaining the same is another crucial factor that you should consider for its overall upkeep. In this post, we will help you understand some of the important maintenance tips for house paint to make it appear new for a longer period.

Once you are done with the massive task of getting your house painted, you can consider sitting back, relaxing, and enjoying the fresh look of the given space. However, whether you hired a professional painting contractor or done the painting all on your own, painting the interior or exterior of the house serves to be a major investment of both time as well as money on your part.

Now that you have got the job completed, you would like the paint for the longest possible time without any signs of fading or damage. Therefore, we aim at helping you with a comprehensive guide to maintain the exterior and interior paint to make it appear brand-new.

Interior Paint Maintenance

#Checking for Stains & Spots

With the passage of time, spots & stains are known to accumulate on the new interior paint job. If you wish to be free from the pain of cleaning spots that are hard to remove from the walls, it is recommended that you should aim at treating them at the earliest. While the given technique might sound simple, still it is important to note that you might not get aware of the spots as soon as they appear.

As you would take time to examine the high-traffic areas quite frequently, it will help you in locating potential spots that are required to be treated. As per the painting experts, it is stated that areas of the house experiencing high traffic –including hallways, kitchens, staircase walls, and bedrooms of the kids, need to be inspected quite frequently for any paint damage.

At the same time, it is also recommended that homeowners should aim at paying attention to specific areas wherein pets or children like to play. Attention should also be given to areas in which furniture tends to touch the walls.

#Cleaning Stains & Spots

Once you have come up with the area that requires cleaning, professional painting contractors recommend that you should clean the same with some water and a damp sponge. In case the area requires deeper cleaning, then you can also consider adding a small portion of dishwasher agent or liquid to the damp sponge for in-depth cleaning.

#Dealing with Mold

Mold is known to thrive in warm areas and higher humidity. For humid & warm rooms –including basements and bathrooms, the painting experts recommend that you should aim at purchasing special paints for preventing the occurrence of molds. If you do come across a wall featuring mildew or mold, on the same, you should investigate the given area for analyzing the degree of infestation.

You can also prepare a solution containing 4 parts water and 1 part bleaching agent to clean a smaller area. If the infected area is large, you might hire professional help.

Exterior Paint Maintenance

#Avoiding Rot

Paint is known to offer more than just beautiful colors to the surface of your home. A good quality of paint job also helps in slowing down the process of corrosion or rotting of the exterior surfaces. When you are working with a professional painting contractor for exterior painting, it is important to ensure that the undersides of the respective corner boards are also painted completely. You should check the bottoms, tops, and back portion of the wood shutters to ensure that they are painted well.

#Maintenance Frequency

The maintenance of exterior paint would ultimately depend on the siding or material that has been utilized in your home construction. At the same time, environment is also known to play a vital role in determining the overall life of the paint job. For instance, homeowners in mild temperature conditions tend to experience long-lasting paint jobs in comparison to those living in areas witnessing harsher climatic conditions.

#Dealing with Mildew or Mold

The formation of mildew or mold is one of the most common problems that homeowners tend to face with exterior wall painting. For avoiding the same, homeowners can consider buying exterior paint featuring special additives for preventing mold from attacking the exterior surface.

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