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How to Choose the Best Paint Colors for Interior space

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

So, you have renovated your home, but something is still missing. More than likely, what is still pending to bring the distinct architectural character to your home is the interior paint color.

Experienced interior designers will tell you that the interior paint color is the renovator’s secret weapon. Therefore, to bring out that distinct architectural character to your interior space, you ought to choose the right color scheme.

Choosing the best paint colors for interior space can be overwhelming! However, some thoughtful research could take you a long way.

When it is time to pick the interior paint color, approach the exercise with an open mind. In addition, ensure commitment to exploring your creativity in the search for a perfect paint color.

Use the following guide while exploring and selecting interior paint color schemes for your space.

1. Go for a Paint Color Scheme That Matches Your Homes Furniture

Paint color consulting is more than just picking the paint color for your interior walls. It is also about picking the paint color scheme that pulls all the design elements together to create that harmony and balance.

To strike a balance, select three colors from the existing fixed and furnished elements. For instance, you could pick a throw pillow from your living room sofa and take it to the paint store. Compare the pillow with different sample strips available at the paint store.

2. Find an Inspiration

For a long time, homeowners have viewed magazines and catalogs as the staple of decoration inspiration. Today, the internet gives you access to thousands of materials you can use as paint color inspiration.

For instance, paint company websites could show different ideas of interior paint colors. Alternatively, you could check dozens of images posted on social media sites like Instagram or Pinterest for interior color inspiration.

3. Think About the Mood and the Purpose

Color is the first thing that you notice when you enter a space. The color scheme creates emotion and evokes negative or positive moods. Therefore, before you begin thinking of paint colors, ask yourself how the occupant shall use the space. Besides, think of who will use the space.

If you are painting a home office, you may prefer paint colors that make you feel energized. If you are redesigning a movie lounge or a bedroom, choose a paint color that adds a calm vibe.

In that case, you may go for cool colors that recede perfectly. Alternatively, you could settle for dark, moody colors to create a nest-like effect.

4. Don’t Ignore the Rooms Lighting

One of the most essential factors to consider when choosing interior paint color is lighting. The natural daylight displays the truest colors perfectly. In the case of big, bright windows, your interior paint should turn out true to the swatch. To reach the perfect decision, consider what time of day you tend to use each room. This is because if you often use the room at night, then natural light may not count when choosing the paint color.

5. Consider the Big Picture

One of the worst mistakes when painting your interior walls is failing to consider the adjacent rooms and how the rooms work together. For instance, if painting rooms on the same floor, consider a cohesive palette so that the rooms complement each other. Likewise, in the case of accent walls, painted staircase or a statement-making ceiling, ensure the colors complement each other perfectly.

6. Consider Exterior for Ideas

Bringing the outside in, is a popular approach for paint color inspiration. Thus, whether you choose foliage green or the laid-back blues from the ocean waters, finding inspiration from the exterior colors can make the interior room feel restful and relaxing.

However, be sure to sample the favorite paint color at different times of the day and at night to ensure a realistic view of the possible choices. If you settle on the landscape as inspiration, you may engage an experienced interior designer to help you in finding the perfect match.

7. Sample the Paint Colors Before Committing

Before committing to gallons of paint and even hours to home painting, always sample the paint color. This is a simple rule that makes it easier to choose the right paint color especially for newbies. Unfortunately, homeowners have often overlooked this simple rule and they end up making regrettable mistakes. Do not be one of them. Always make sure you sample the paint to avoid wasting time and money on gallons of paint.

8. Talk to an Experienced Consultant

If you would like to paint the interior walls, choose a color consultant who will help you pick the best color scheme for every room. An experienced paint color consultant, applies advanced skills to point at possible ideas. Therefore, the end result could be a custom designed color palette for your home.

However, before you talk to your color consultant, gather ideas and inspiration from your family members or close friends. You could ask the color consultant to visit at a particular time to have a perfect view of the natural poses for your space. In some instances, the color consultant may recommend you change the lighting to deliver the best appearance after the painting job.


Therefore, we have looked at the different tips to guide you in choosing the right paint color for interior walls. Note that an experienced paint color consultant only helps you reach the perfect match of your main desires. Therefore, it is important you know what exactly you want, for the results to match your expectations.

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