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Updated: Feb 5, 2021


One of the major factors for a prosperous business and a well-kept home, is a fresh, beautiful, and a professional coat of paint. What's important is, a colourful paint of self-choice not only brings life into a property, but it also enhances living lifestyle, that is a hallmark to judge an individual's personality.

Considering the level of beauty and attraction, that, bright, glowing and mesmerizing colours bring into its looks; thus, no surprise why people prefer painting their house's interior and exterior at first priority. Actually, the colours also act as a major boost for mental health, and it certainly brings life into a dull, boring or dead environment. So yes, these days when lifestyle is emerging in terms of fashion and glamour; therefore, painting is a need of the hour these days, which means there is an ample amount of opportunity for painters all around.

So, why not utilize this available opportunity as an ideal business startup? Here is why:

·Minimum startup cost

Well, the minimum startup cost for this business is under $2000, which includes buying equipment like ladders, rollers, paint trays, an assortment of brushes, a breathing mask, and a sprayer. Since, you're requiring minimum investment, thus, you have maximum chances of growth by quickly achieving profits.

·Part-time earning source

You certainly don't have to disturb your daily life routine if you're a student, internee, job holder, or salesman. After all, being a painter enables you to schedule part-time working hours, besides your daily life work. Hence, enabling you to have a perfect second source of income by utilizing your additional skills.

·Fast growth

Once you have passed break-even point, then your growth levels increase in no time. Hence, enabling you to expand your painting business by hiring more professional painters, and offering more painting options, which results in more revenue. The availability of various designing and home decor franchises, could also earn your business, a valuable sponsorship.

Analyzing Market

The painting industry is rapidly emerging with time, which means the market is growing at a steady pace. Thus, for fruitful results, it is very important to search out your right target customers in such a wide market. Therefore, you must analyze the area of your service initially, e.g if the area of your service comprises of buildings or houses that have historic looks, then you must specialize in painting techniques like painted ladies, gaudy Victorians, Colonial homes etc. However, if your area comprises of decorative housing and buildings, then you must add decorative techniques to your painting, like, sponge-painting, faux aging, stenciling, and finishing like metallic, matte etc.


Well, painting is an art that is both creative and full of fun. Actually, it's a profession that lets you enjoy your job, which is what makes it special. Although, there is not any rocket science for doing a coat of paint on walls, ceilings, interior, exterior etc; but still as a professional, there is not any margin of error. Therefore, it is very important to spend time on painting skills because you would need experience while handling different paints and primers. You would also have to grab dealing skills from experienced painters, to learn the ability to judge a job and coming out at winning end.

All in all, this profession is definitely a top choice of business startup for all those relying on low investment, as well as, looking for a second source of income. You can work as a part-time painting entrepreneur and earn extra money, besides your daily life work.

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