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Faux Finish Painting

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

All You Need to Know About Faux Finish Painting

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to decorate the interiors of your home? If you wish to achieve unparalleled glazing finish at the same time, then you can opt for the cost-effective option of faux finish painting. The given option of low-cost painting is highly suitable for walls, floors, furniture, countertops, and everything that you have indoors.

Faux finish painting has been in use for quite a long time. These have been utilized since ages for cave painting and even painting tombs belonging to the Egyptian era in the past. However, the concept of faux finish painting that is utilized in the modern interiors dates back its origin around 5000 years back when the Mesopotamians made use of the same with the help of stucco and plaster finish.

With the given painting technique, homeowners can look forward to creating the appearance of wood, brick, grain, or even the attractive marble finish. If you wish to get the most out of the faux finish painting option for your home’s interiors, you should hire services from professional painting contractors out there.

What is Faux Finish Painting?

The term “faux” has been derived from a French word implying “false.” Faux painting refers to special, decorative paint finishes that help in imitating the overall appearance of a specific surface like glazing, sponging, masked stripes, or ragging with the help of some top-quality paint. The given technique of painting is mostly utilized for interior painting.

Faux finish painting is known to create the image of either a specific illusion of some different materials like wood or stone, or the existing surface for enhancing its overall appearance through the creation of a distressed or antique look.

Top Benefits of Using Faux Painting

If you are looking forward to hiring professional services from a reliable painting company, then you should be aware of the benefits of using faux finish painting for the interiors of your home. Here are some benefits you should know about:

· The styles that are utilized in the given form of painting help in transforming the entire ambiance of the given space. The stuff and decoration created with the help of this leading technique have been designed to resemble that of other natural materials including matte or stone.

· The overall versatility of faux finish painting is unparalleled. The only requirement with this painting project is that the surface that requires painting should be smooth and sealed properly. The preparation as well as painting techniques would differ for different surfaces.

· The technique of faux finish painting is known to be applied effectively on any given surface –whether it is a plastered wall or drywall, glass wall, wooden wall, ceramic, and even fabric wall.

· The given type of interior painting is known to last longer in comparison to wallpaper and would not peel off easily as well. If you have some damaged wall surface, then you can consider restoring the same easily to the previous condition.

· Walls featuring holes, cracks, or even depressions can be corrected easily with the help of faux finish painting techniques.

Popular Techniques for Faux Finish Painting

When you opt for faux painting, you can go forward with including color, charm, and depth to the home’s interiors effectively. Once you consult a professional painting contractor, you can come across some of the common painting techniques as:

· Combing: Helps in providing a dramatic appearance to the home’s walls. A dry wallpaper brush or comb is dragged across the base paint from top to bottom for imparting a combing effect.

· Ragging: It helps in providing a highly romantic & soft appearance throughout. A rag that is soaked in glaze is properly applied on top of the base paint in multiple patterns for producing a beautiful effect. Different types of materials including plastic, paper bags, canvas, and others are also utilized for generating amazing results.

· Sponging: It serves to be an easy, yet fun technique of providing your home’s rooms with a beautifully textured finish. By using a top-quality sea sponge, multiple hues are applied on to the base paint for producing dabbing patterns throughout.

· Crackling: If you wish to achieve an aged or distressed appearance for the walls in your home, then you can opt for this faux finish painting technique. Finish of this kind gets applied over the base paint upon which drying starts and exposes the color underneath.

Need for Professional Painting Contractors

The technique of faux finish painting requires professional approach –especially if you wish to achieve bespoke results without any flaws.

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